In the year 2100, astronauts use powered suits known as *starskeletons* to fly and fight in space with their hands. Four heroes known as the Defenders of Earth were chosen to promote Earth's intergalactic interests. Their names were Starman, Asteria, Astroknight, and Lune.

One day, the Defenders of Earth found themselves trapped in an Anomalous Zone where space wrapped around itself. Enemy drones began appearing out of nowhere, firing at the Defenders. How will our heroes make it out of this one?

*Starman 64* is a little space action game in which you must fight your way out of the Anomalous Zone as quickly as possible. Play as Starman, Asteria, Astroknight, or Lune - each one has two unique attacks! Destroy the beacons sustaining the anomalous zone, and then destroy the boss to escape. Fight the drone reinforcements to acquire upgrades.

Keep an eye on three resources - you need HP to live, Energy to attack, and Fuel to survive. If you run out of HP, you will use Fuel to repair your suit.

There are five levels - each with their own boss. See how fast you can clear all of them!

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